Red Wings logo

It may not be obvious there's a tradesperson behind everything. That's why we're inviting all brands who value the trades to use this simple "Trades-Made" mark on their logos.

Because the more people realize that everything is trades-made, the more they'll understand how vital trades workers are to everything around us.

Join the movement

And be a part of this group of brands that is showing their appreciation for trades workers with Trades-Made.

Red Wing Toro Marvin Northern Tool + Equipment Winnebago Bobcat Ditchwitch BOA Vibram Irish Setter ExMark American Augers Subsite Trencor Hammerhead Trenchless Helmets 2 HardHats WINTER BuildStrong Academy

Open source campaign

This is an open-source campaign, which means your brand can add the Trades-Made mark to your logo and use any of the below assets for free. This gives you permission to publish anywhere you'd like.

/ Trades-Made mark. Files and guidelines for how to add the mark next to your logo.

/ Campaign Videos. The , a and a can be customized with your logo.

/ Physical Applications. Design files for tags, stickers, stencils, patches, and signage.

*By downloading the Trades-Made assets, you are entitled to use this footage and/or asset(s) as part of the Trades-Made campaign and are not authorized to adapt, change or edit the master film. You will have the archival rights on your owned channels so long as no paid media is put behind the asset after August 28, 2024.